Club Policies


General Club Rules

The Club have implemented the following rules to ensure the club is run efficiently and to provide a safe and secure environment as is possible for all members and staff.

  • Gymnasts are not permitted to enter the gym area without a coach/member of staff present.
  • In the interests of safety gymnasts are not permitted to jump on or mount any equipment unless instructed to do so by a coach.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted to be used during training sessions/classes.
  • Gymnasts should arrive on time for their respective training sessions/classes.
  • In order to avoid disruption during gym sessions, gymnasts should use the bathroom prior to attending class. This is particularly relevant to the 1 hour classes.
  • Gymnasts should wear appropriate clothing for training/classes (i.e. leotards, gym shorts, leggings, t-shirts).
  • Gymnasts should not partake in idle chatter or distract the coach/other gymnasts during training sessions/classes. Gymnasts should listen carefully to their coach’s instructions.
  • Jewellery and hair pins should be removed prior to participating in gym sessions. Long hair should be securely tied up prior to gym training/classes.
  • Food is not permitted in the gym. Water bottles are permitted. (We recommend that gymnasts should drink water only during training. Fizzy drinks and sports drinks are not recommended for children).
  • The club does not have the space for parents/guardians to sit and watch training sessions/classes. However, parents may attend the last 10 minutes prior to collection.
  • Children must be met in the viewing/reception area by their parent/guardian when being collected. For safety reasons, children are not permitted to wait outside the gym.
  • If a parent/guardian wishes to speak with a staff member/coach they should wait until the end of the session/class or at a pre-arranged designated time. Coaches are not available to speak with parents/guardians during training sessions/classes.
  • Term fees should be paid in accordance with the Club’s Term Fees Policy (as outlined on the Annual Membership Form).

Codes of Conduct

As a member of Leader Gymnastics Club (LGC) and Gymnastics Ireland (GI), young gymnasts have a responsibility to abide by codes of conduct. It is LGC’s policy to encourage and acknowledge high standards of behaviour for all young gymnasts at our club.

Codes of Conduct for Young Gymnasts

All young gymnasts are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own behaviour, including in training, in competitions and socially. Along with the GI Code of Conduct for Young Gymnasts (copies of which are available at and at the gym), Leader Gymnastics Club has also put in place the following guidelines which young gymnasts should undertake to comply with:

  • Obey the Club rules.
  • Obey competition rules and etiquette (please refer to competition rules for gymnasts)
  • Participate fairly in training and all events.
  • Show respect to everyone; including team-mates, coaches, club staff, judges and officials.
  • Listen to your coach at all times and do not distract your team-mates
  • Support your team-mates and fellow gymnasts in training and competition.
  • Always try your best in training and competitions.
  • Be a good sport.
  • Respect the rights and dignity of everyone; gymnasts, coaches, club staff, judges etc regardless of their ability, gender, cultural background or religion. The following is a list of behaviours which are deemed unacceptable:
  • Persistent idle chatter, disobedience, distraction of team-mates or coaches during training and competition.

This is in order to protect the focus, concentration and safety of all gymnasts

  • Continuous non-compliance with instruction of coaches or staff members
  • Using offensive language or gestures
  • Bullying – in any form (verbal, physical, isolating another person)
  • Theft or purposeful damage of individuals belongings or club property
  • Shouting/arguing with coaches, staff or any officials
  • Cheating

Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians

GI has put in place a code of conduct for parents which is available at LGC also provides the following guidelines for parents:

  • Encourage your child to obey Club rules.
  • Encourage your child to participate fairly and abide by competition/event rules (please refer to competition rules for spectators)
  • Respect coaches, staff members, officials and judges and their decisions, while encouraging your child to do the same and show appreciation to coaches, staff members, volunteers and club officials.
  • Ensure your child attends and is on time for training and competitions as required.
  • Provide guidance and advice on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in relation to food, rest and play.
  • Do not interfere with coaches decisions regarding training or competing in relation to levels and team selection.
  • Set a good example by celebrating all young gymnast’s achievements – not just your own child’s.
  • You should not permit your child to train or compete in the event of illness or injury. In some cases, it is up to the discretion of the club when a child is fit to attend training or competition and this should be respected by parents.

Disciplinary Procedure

Leader Gymnastics Club promotes self-discipline and high standards of behaviour from all our gymnasts in order to provide a respectful, safe and secure environment for everyone. The Club has therefore put in place sensible rules and a Code of Behaviour which gymnasts are required to abide by. In the event that a coach/staff member feels that a gymnast’s behaviour is in serious breach of the Club Rules and/or the Code of Behaviour, the disciplinary procedure may be required to be enforced.

Please refer to the Leader Code of Behaviour where a list of unacceptable behaviours is stated.

The following sanctions may be applied by a Coach or staff member if deemed necessary depending on the breach of behaviour and severity of same:

  • Formal verbal warning by coach/staff member.
  • Taken aside and given second formal verbal warning by coach/staff member.
  • Formal verbal warning with another Coach/staff member present.
  • Parent conference, where a period of probation or suspension may be enforced.
  • Expulsion


Leader Gymnastics Club has both a website and a Facebook page which is used for information and communication purposes and also for promoting the Club and related events. The Club has put in place the following guidelines in respect of its use of social media and photography (including video):

  • The Club will appoint a specific person (e.g. staff member, club volunteer) to manage the Club’s social media pages/website.
  • If a person is representing the Club in an official capacity via social media, it is important that posts convey the same positive spirit that the Club would instill in all of its communications. Always be respectful of all individuals, races, religions, and cultures.
  • In interacting with the Club’s social media platform, people should be aware to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. How you behave online not only reflects on you – it also reflects directly on the Club.
  • When posting photographs of children on the Club social media/website pages, avoid the use of both first name and surname of any child.
  • Ask for parental permission to use any child’s image to ensure that parents are aware of the way the image is to be used to represent the sport*.
  • To reduce the risk of inappropriate use, the content of photographs being posted should ideally focus on the activity not on a particular child.
  • The Club’s children’s officer/designated person should be contacted if there is a concern about use of images.
  • Amateur photographers/film/video operators wishing to record at a Club event or practice session should seek permission from the children’s officer, event organiser or leader of session.
  • To ensure spectators and participants are informed of the policy, the Club will display a notice at the gym and at any Club event advising of photographs being taken or recording and where possible (in relation to an event) make an announcement.
  • Please note that the Club may use video equipment as a legitimate coaching aid.

* Please note that the Club do this by way of Consent Agreement on the annual membership form, parents/guardians are required to confirm if they do or do not wish their child’s photo to be displayed on the Club’s website/Facebook page/newspaper throughout the year.

Travel Guidelines

Leader Gymnastics Club considers the safety and well-being as paramount for all children travelling with adults (e.g. leaders, coaches, parents/guardians etc). There is an extra responsibility on any adults when they transport young people to Club training or events. Please note that the below guidelines apply to when an adult is transporting a child/children who are not their own It is advised that adults follow these guidelines when giving lifts/ transporting young athletes to Club training or events:

  • Adults should avoid travelling alone with a single child.
  • Ensure adequate insurance cover is in place.
  • All laws and rules of the road and road traffic laws must be observed and obeyed.
  • Any transport should have sufficient seats for the number of passengers and legal use of seat belts. Booster seats should be used, where required.
  • Do not carry more than the permitted number of passengers.
  • It is a good idea to arrange for central collection and drop-off points for children (if not collecting or dropping off at their home).
  • Parents/guardians must be aware of the times for drop off and collections and arrive promptly to drop off or collect their child. Children should not be left unsupervised at drop off/collection points. Drop off/collection points should preferably be in a central location.
  • There may be an occasion where it may be unavoidable to travel alone with a child, e.g. in an emergency situation. In this instance the adult should contact the parent/guardian to inform them of the situation, and the child should be seated in the rear seat.
  • Adults providing lifts or transport to children, should ensure they have the consent of the child’s parents/guardians prior to doing so.
  • For long-haul journeys, where an adult is travelling with children of the opposite sex, another adult of the same sex as the children should ideally be present.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying is defined as a repeated behaviour that is intentionally aggravating and intimidating. Everybody in the Club has a responsibility to work together to prevent / stop bullying if it arises. Bullying behaviours include the following:

  • Physical (e.g. pushing, kicking, hitting, pinching etc)
  • Verbal (e.g. name calling, persistent teasing, taunting, spreading rumours)
  • Emotional torment (e.g. ridicule, humiliation)
  • Isolating individuals or a group
  • Racial taunts
  • eBullying (e.g. via emails, texts or social media)
Leader Gymnastics Club will:
  • Recognise its duty of care and responsibility in relation to bullying
  • Encourage an ethos of mutual respect throughout the Club
  • Promote and implement this anti-bullying policy
  • Ensure that bullying behaviour is not accepted or condoned
  • Address any forms of bullying
  • Encourage children and young people to comply with the Gymnastics Ireland and Leader Gymnastics Club codes of conduct
  • Ensure safety and respect by having rules and policies in place and displayed for all to see
Each Club member, staff, coaches and volunteers will:
  • Respect every persons feelings and their views
  • Show appreciation of others by acknowledging their qualities, contributions and progress
  • Report incidents of bullying they see – by doing nothing, you are condoning bullying
When incidents of bullying take place, the following support will be provided:
  • Anyone who reports an incident of bullying will be listened to and supported
  • Reports of incidents of bullying will be investigated objectively and all involved will be listened to
  • Children being bullied will be supported and assistance given to uphold their right to be in a safe environment which allows their healthy development
  • Those who bully will be supported and encouraged not to bully
  • Will never tell a child to ignore bullying (they can’t ignore it, as it hurts too much)

Club Behaviour Sanctions

Leader Gymnastics Club promotes self-discipline and a high standard of behaviour from all young gymnasts in order to provide a respectful, safe and secure environment for everyone. It is the Club’s policy not to tolerate unacceptable behaviour from any gymnasts towards fellow gymnasts, coaches, officials, opponents, parents or any other Club members. The Club has therefore put in place sensible rules as per the Codes of Conduct and Club Rules which all members are expected to abide by. In instances where a member of Leader Gymnastics Club is in breach of the Code of Conduct and/or Club Rules, the following sanctions may be applied:

Behaviours Sanctions for Inappropriate Behaviour
(the sanctions listed below may be applied
according to the severity of the offence)
A) Minor Don’ts
- Persistent talking and disruption of classes
- Cheek or disrespect toward coaches or helpers
- ‘Horseplay’ which has not caused injury
- Continuous non-compliance with instructions of Coaches/Staff
1. General verbal warning is given
2. Taken aside and a 2nd verbal warning is given
3. “Time out” for 5 minutes
4. “Time out” for 15 minutes
B) Serious Don’ts
- Offensive language or gestures towards another coach, gymnast or official
- ‘Horseplay’ which has caused injury
- Persistent non-compliance of instructions from Coach or helper after receiving sanctions imposed as per A above.
- Cheating
- Telling lies about another person
1. A formal warning with another Coach/staff member present
2. A 2nd formal verbal warning is given with another Coach/staff member present
3. Verbal notification to parent that formal verbal warnings have been given
C) Critical Don’ts
- Bullying in any form (physical, verbal etc)
- Wilful damage to any individual or Club property
- Theft of individuals or Club property
- Shouting/arguing with a Coach/Staff Member/Official
1. Parents conference, where a period of probation or suspension may be enforced.
2. Expulsion from the Club

Please note that copies of the Club’s Code of Conducts and Club Rules are available on the Club notice board and on the Club website.