Dear Clubs,


Sport Ireland have issued further guidance today in relation to the new government 'Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with COVID-19' which was released earlier this week. We have reviewed this information and the following represents our understanding of the same at present point in terms of our clubs being a network of small to medium enterprises (SMEs)/sports businesses...



  • It has just been announced by the government that Dublin is moving to Level 3 of the plan. Given that gymnastics is an individual sport and gymnasts train individually the following is our understanding of the position as it stands for our members in Dublin...
    • Gyms/clubs that operate their own full-time/dedicated facilities may continue to operate under the protective measures of the government approved GI Return to Sport Plan with a max of 50 persons indoors adhering to strict 2m social distancing protocols only. The relevant changes from previous operation are as follows...
      • No pod operation - strict 2m social distancing to be observed in all circumstances
      • No body contact training i.e. no acrobatics discipline training
      • No coach spotting except in emergency circumstances whereby the spotting is required to protect the safety of a gymnasts who is at risk of injury
    • Gyms/Clubs that use/hire facilities that they do not operate as full-time/dedicated facilities must contact the relevant facility operator and plan to work within the 50 persons limit for the facility as per guidance if possible. Sport programming must be operated as per the GI RTS plan and clarification bullet points above.
    • Travel in and out of Dublin is limited to work, education and essential purposes only if appropriate


  • All other areas of the country remain at Level 2 of the plan and therefore can continue as per operation to date however as per previous correspondence we urge a redoubling of efforts to ensure all elements of club RTS plans are implemented in the interests of our community playing its part in the national response against Covid19.

We will be liaising with Sport Ireland in the coming days/next week and should there be any change in position based on further clarification/guidance we will immediately act and contact members.


Kind Regards,


Ciaran Gallagher

Chief Executive Officer

T: (+353) 1 6251125